Law firm marketing techniques

Maria Coloma Mairata. I have been working as a Marketing Manager at Bufete Frau along this year, a law firm in Mallorca and Ibiza creating high quality content on the website. From my point… Sigue leyendo

Marketing for lawyers

The last January I changed my job for some brands on marketing and social media, to be part of the Bufete Frau‘s team. For the moment, I’m the marketing manager of this firm… Sigue leyendo

The importance of the information in the tourism sector

FEHM is the most important association of the tourism sector of Mallorca that represents 26 associations and 961 touristic establishments. Maria Renart, Attached to the Executive President of the of the FEHM has… Sigue leyendo

“Brands have to be honest, show empathy, humor and daring…” explains Ivan Levy

Ivan Levy is a retail entrepreneur best known for establishing and building “The Body Shop” brand in Switzerland. Last week I organized a conference with him at ESERP business school in Mallorca. Ivan… Sigue leyendo

Bon Nadal, Feliz Navidad, Merry christmas

La segmentación de mercados (What is Market segmentation?)

Este año también he empezado una nueva etapa profesional como docente en ESERP Business School que me permite compaginar mi trabajo en Marketing y Social Media en Vinklum comunicación. Aprovechando la buena relación… Sigue leyendo

School younger travelers

Along this course I have had the opportunity to invite a company from EUA, WorldStrides to share with the students of EDIB their experience with programs for elementary and middle school students. They… Sigue leyendo

The traditional Celler sa Premsa on Social Media

This restaurant was founded in 1958 and has kept the same character and soul through out all these years till today. The place has kept its traditional and rustic personality combining large spaces… Sigue leyendo

Social Media’s Influence on Hotels

Social Media, which are base on web-base, mobile based or cloud based technologies have crated wonders as far as accessibility is concerned. For decades in hospitality management we used to say “you do… Sigue leyendo

-¡Soy estelar (eminencia) en linkedin!-

Cada vez que entro mi perfil de linkedin con un círculo en el lado derecho me dice que soy una eminencia.Recientemente Linkedin lo ha cambiado por estelar. -¿Qué quiere decir esto?- No se… Sigue leyendo