Connected Mallorca with USA, 1960-1970

Until just a few weeks ago we could see the Navys boat in Majorca from the USA, in Majorca these in the 1960 until the 1970 the navy sailed to Mallorca on the USS Gainard.

SAM_1587barco EUA

Recently I found saved in a box some uniforms and some playboys maganizes that were read by sailors of U.S.S Gainard. My grandmother had saved these like a treasure.


In the 60, Marines left some playboys and some uniforms and some uniforms like a trash on a land near of the airport. There a group of children, that know this, they went there and the picked the clothes and magazines.

It’s curious to observe like at the same time that in Spain a Filmaker create “Wellcome Mrs Marschall” like a satire of the dictatorial Regim of Franco some Sailors who worked on U.S:S gainard gave freedom to this group of children when the body of the woman (pictures of this) were forbidden.


Cuban Cucumber in Tribeca Film Festival

M.C.Mairata. I begin this post with a curiosity that I lived before coming to New York. I did an accelerated class to learn to sip cocktails and not look like I had never tried ​​one before, on the birthday of my friend Marga. So the bar owner in Palma explained that if You put a cucumber in a cocktail had to be Dutch cucumber and not Spanish, because Spanish cucumbers smelled much and not are so good.


But this is the pro- European vision because today in the Tribeca Film Festival Film Festival in Dune Studios, New York, I have asked the waitress about the procedence of the cucumber and he answered: the cucumbers are from Cuba… of course!-. Something that breaks me all schemes.


Today I have enjoyed just watching films in the blue area of Dune Studios where film, culture and storytelling taken place to celebrate creators and ideas. The first annual Tribeca Film Festival was launched in 2002 by Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro. The Tribeca Film Festival was founded to celebrate New York City as a major film making center and to contribute to the long-term recovery of lower Manhattan. 2014 marks the thirteenth year of the Tribeca Film Festival, which has grown each year. A really wonderful experience to enjoy drinking my first cocktail in New York. 




The spanish things, in New York, are fashion

M.C. Mairata. New York has a lot of clubs, discos, bars and pubs, if you think one thing you can find. Here we have fancy, luxurious night clubs like these shown in Sex in the City. But we also have colorful, ethnic, night clubs that are not so widely famous and expensive.

  • -Peix?- I asked myself when I saw on Elisabeth Street a bar called Peix (fish in catalan). Behind of this small bar-restaurant with music there is a Spanish woman, Paula Ginestar, from Valencia. She has create this bar where I discovered a great flamenco show to enjoy after a good dinner. The singer Noemi P. and the guitarist Albert A. show the spanish art to the American in a comfortable bar. We can listen ketama songs, Camaron songs and to dance sevillanas. It was a great beginning that show me the mixture of cultures of the city. I have the feeling that the city is of everybody, because only 40% of people were borne here. For this reason I feel like in my own city, you can stay with canadian, korean, Brasilian, every part of the world…
  • SAM_1873
  • SAM_1846SAM_1874
  • The spanish things, in New York, are fashion, this weekend a group of young people will be celebrate “La feria de Abril” like in Sevilla. What will be the next? Ball de bot!!!-
  •  feria de abril

Mallorquina in New York

I am a journalist, teacher and writer, I love to cook Mallorcan food and write about life and feelings that I move (I have published my first novel l’ànima lliure). I love to travel, my first travel alone was in Rome when I was 19 years old. On this trip I discovered that I only take single the flight, because on the way, I find a lot of people who want to join my journey. Maybe they will be friends forever, you never know. Since I arrived from Mallorca to New York I’m in love with the city, but I suppose like in all the love’s story’s we will have some bad moments.

I am doing one of my dream of being surrounded by 8.337 million New Yorkers in one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. Every day I hear one of the 800 languages that are spoken on a daily basis in NYC.


(Press the photo and you can watch my youtube channel)

I have arrived from Mallorca and I am a part of the crowd in Times Square every single morning when I go to my english class and then my marketing course. I want to know that even though I enjoy being alone, the company of other people is potentially just around the corner in yet another interesting and dynamic NYC. I want to truly understand what it means to be a neurotic-New Yorker. I want to see and understand the difference between a person from Staten Island and those that live in the Upper East Side.




I’m in new york

New York has something magical, it’s a city where you recognise each corner without having been here before. I come from a small village in the center of Mallorca, Algaida. Here I can’t close my eyes because I fell like I lost something, every second is different… I think that I fall in love with the city. I think that New York listens. I have began my story of love with the city and for the moment she is surprising me and giving me a lot of new things.


I like to meet people around the world, I consider that I learn more by travelling than in the university. I think that is the school of the life, and this give to you a lot of opportunities to find yourself and discover the essence of life.


When I travel I feel really free, I get a feeling of freedom inside. Travel has a beginning and has an end, but the memory of the trip always is with your. Inside your experiences, when you explain to the friends, you recreate the travel when you think about this, delete some parts, search places that you have visited…