The spanish things, in New York, are fashion

M.C. Mairata. New York has a lot of clubs, discos, bars and pubs, if you think one thing you can find. Here we have fancy, luxurious night clubs like these shown in Sex in the City. But we also have colorful, ethnic, night clubs that are not so widely famous and expensive.

  • -Peix?- I asked myself when I saw on Elisabeth Street a bar called Peix (fish in catalan). Behind of this small bar-restaurant with music there is a Spanish woman, Paula Ginestar, from Valencia. She has create this bar where I discovered a great flamenco show to enjoy after a good dinner. The singer Noemi P. and the guitarist Albert A. show the spanish art to the American in a comfortable bar. We can listen ketama songs, Camaron songs and to dance sevillanas. It was a great beginning that show me the mixture of cultures of the city. I have the feeling that the city is of everybody, because only 40% of people were borne here. For this reason I feel like in my own city, you can stay with canadian, korean, Brasilian, every part of the world…
  • SAM_1873
  • SAM_1846SAM_1874
  • The spanish things, in New York, are fashion, this weekend a group of young people will be celebrate “La feria de Abril” like in Sevilla. What will be the next? Ball de bot!!!-
  •  feria de abril


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