My new business cards, marketing and study English in New York

My new business cards, marketing and study English in New York

I’m in New York again, for my second time in my life and just three months, after my first time in June 2014, when I came to improve my english here. I came back this September and October. If you’re reading this and you would like to study English here, just contact me. I will be happy to give you information about study English in New York.

For me its like the Atlantic ocean doesn’t exist, I fell really connected with America, probably for the quantity of Spanish speakers that are here. And because I like to be in a city where I could find hundreds events of marketing, communication and branding every day.

Here I have some work to do, but I go every event that I can go. I have been in advertisement week, Networking for Success in Madison Square, and today I will go to Public Library “Writing a Winning Resume that Brands and Markets you”.

One of the first things New Yorkers do is ask: -what do you do?-, what is your job?-

I’m teacher, writer, and journalist.

businesscard businesscard2

When I answer the question about what is my job, I just give my business card, everything is easy here. Probably if a company would like hire you they will do. Here there are a lot of jobs to do for people who speak English and Spanish. But one of the most important problems are probably the VISA to work in USA.