Mallorca, de lo local a lo internacional

La creación de un producto nuevo a partir de las lenguas mallorquinas

La tienda Estilo San Felio ha revolucionado el mercado de las telas mallorquinas con la creación de diferentes tipos de productos, como cerámicas, detalles para la cocina, cojines, etc. La empresa ha conseguido adaptar un producto típico mallorquín a las necesidades del nuevo consumidor.

De lo local a lo internacional

Hoy en día la gente ya no cose y no tiene el tiempo para adaptar las telas de lenguas, esta empresa que ya tiene 3 tiendas en Mallorca ha adaptado el producto a las nuevas demandas.

De Mallorca al mundo

De esta manera se ha reactivado un sector artesanal que ha visto como sus ventas aumentaban un 50%.


Tv journalist job

Behind the news

As a TV journalist, I am responsible for reporting on the news to your viewers. My main focus is to research news events in order to compile presentable stories. This may include traveling to the scene of events and interviewing those involved, like bystanders or police officers. I may also conduct research in order to provide a more accurate and complete story.


When covering a scheduled event, you might spend time observing the occasion and then have the opportunity to complete interviews in a more controlled environment. I really like the interview to Joan Balaguer, an old photographer from Algaida who has been covering along his life the news about the village… today he is 96 years old. He is a testimony of the history.

Once you have the material gathered for a story, you’ll need to write your script, produce the piece and complete any necessary editing. In some cases, you’ll report from a scene while incorporating pre-recorded elements into your story; this may require a mixture of live reporting and previously edited material. Throughout all of your work as a TV journalist, you’ll work closely with producers, camera operators and technical crew members.

125 años informando

“Los alumnos de EDIB han visitado las instalaciones de Grupo Serra”

Los alumnos de Segundo de Marketing y publicidad han visitado el Grupo Serra con la profesora  Maria Coloma Mairata a la planta de edición del Grupo Serra.


La Publicidad en el Grupo Serra

Los alumnos han sido recibidos por Esther Calvo, testimonio de la historia de la publicidad mallorquina. Ella empezó su trayectoria de publicista en la empresa de publicidad de su padre “Publicidad Calvo” siendo casi una niña. En su juventud empezó en Grupo Serra donde ha sido testigo desde muy joven de la evolución del grupo de comunicación.

Una de las principales cosas que los alumnos han aprendido:

  • Los alumnos de EDIB han disfrutado con la historia del Grupo Serra y con las curiosidades históricas que ha vivido el Grupo de Comunicación.
  • Además han conocido como se han adaptado a nuevos mercados como el alemán, el inglés y el ruso. Además de la evolución de promociones online conjuntamente con el periódico en papel y otras estrategias de marketing. Forma parte de las excursiones con los alumnos de EDIB para aproximarse al mundo laboral.

Sigue leyendo

“Brands have to be honest, show empathy, humor and daring…” explains Ivan Levy

Ivan Levy is a retail entrepreneur best known for establishing and building “The Body Shop” brand in Switzerland. Last week I organized a conference with him at ESERP business school in Mallorca.


Ivan successfully sold “the body shop” to COOP in June 2010 and continues to lead the business, having been appointed as CEO by COOP. Ivan was also the Body Shop International CEO, and has led a number of other retail operations and consultancy programmes… After this year he founded a little company called the Knowledge Bank and he also joined Earthchild as a Director/Mentor. This company uses organic cottons and they work with social responsibility.

Ivan was the Chairman of Magic Bus UK Charity (up to 2006), a Member of The Dean’s Global Advisory Board Council for Harvard University, and Executive Chairman o Q Garden Company (until 2006).

As well that, Mr. Levy is the kind of person who really loves the island of Mallorca and we had the opportunity lo learn from him. The following are some of his ideas of the conference:

* First of all the companies need to create a brand with honesty, empathy, generosity, humility, humor and daring… also some character and humanity.

* The companies need to have a true policy of Social Responsability

*We can earn money taking care of our planet.

* You have to return your benefits to the planet with actions, with good benefits, in reference to this he explains: “After all my career I feel the obligation to return to society all that I have received. I’m worried about how the world will be in the future and I feel that we can do something”.

*The last project with “dignitat i feina” is not to do charity but to create a good product and to create jobs making a good “turron” called “turro artesa d’ametla”.


He has helped the Franciscans from Artà, Dignitat i Feina associació, with the packaging of a new turron and also to increase their sales that are helping people who are in need. In addition to it, they have created some alternative products directed to people who don’t want to eat calories such as t-shirts, aprons to help to the Franciscans.


He shared with the students of ESERP and they enjoyed a lot. 


Nowadays he is doing really interesting work in the heart of Mallorca in Son Naava, close to Montuïri with the only biodynamic olive grove in Mallorca.

To sum up the customers don’t expect perfect brands. They will embrace brands that are honest, show empathy, generosity, humility, humor and daring… also some character and humanity.


The traditional Celler sa Premsa on Social Media

This restaurant was founded in 1958 and has kept the same character and soul through out all these years till today. The place has kept its traditional and rustic personality combining large spaces with big wine barrels, creating a fresh and intimate atmosphere. Following this concept, the Social Media strategy of Celler sa Premsa gives emphasis to the memories of the costumers that spend time there. Some of them have spend part of the live going year after year to eat at Celler. The last publications on facebook called “tell us about your memories in the celler” had successful between the reactions of the costumers that shared from their heard the love to the Celler. Some of them have been going there generation after generation and they can try the same Mallorca traditional food like “Mallorcan Soaps”.

RGB básico

The last July some bloggers specialized in the gastronomy of Mallorca met in a networking event at Celler sa Premsa. The tradition and modernity was mixed in an event where the bloggers could try some typical food, as Mallorcan Soaps (vegetables and some parts of meet), frito of lamb, cuttlefish Mallorca, loin with cabbage, snails and tumbet.

The event was celebrated with the hastag #tradicionescellersapremsa and was an opportunity to do networking with the gastronomic bloggers. Some of the bloggers were Cocinando con Catman, Fran Muñoz, the blogger of “Taula Posada”, Caterina, and the journalist and blogger Yolanda Pericàs with the blogger “What’s in my head”, and the author of the blog “Comer Fuera”, Elena Julià. The journalist from the local newspaper Ultima Hora and the magazine Brisas wrote about the event.


Social Media’s Influence on Hotels

Social Media, which are base on web-base, mobile based or cloud based technologies have crated wonders as far as accessibility is concerned. For decades in hospitality management we used to say “you do one thing bad ten people will know by the word of mouth”. Social Media has changed that proverb as the “word of million mouths”. So rapid is the spread of communication that it can make or break businesses, governments, or any agency. Social media has the advantage of

1. Reaching global audience, even in remote corners of the world.

2. Immediacy with no time lag

3. Easy accessibility by those receiving the communication as long as they can get their hands on a computer keyboard

4. Versatility for interactive exchanges.

Considering all the benefits that social media can provide it has all the attributes that will be helpful in marketing and management. This is particularly important for hospitality and tourism areas field since they area people professions.

The hotels have create some innovate social media campaigns from the travel industry, one of them in Mallorca where exists the first Twitter Hotel in the World, Sol Wave House. It is really important a plan of communication and Social Media in the Hotels, because just in 2013, 47% of travellers shared their travel plans and asked for recommendations from contacts via social media. This means that a large chunk of travellers rely on social media to help them decide on their next trip. 

From my own experience, I am working in Vinklum, a communication agency, where we create the communication plan for the Hotel Sur Menorca and I’m really glad how the customers, our guests share their opinions through the Facebook fan page. There are really nice experience where the guests can share their opinions, ask to the personal of the hotel the music that sounds in the mini-disco, if the water of the pool is salad, fresh… some booking reservations. Some stories arrive to my heard like this week a mother just got home ask for a worker in the hotel that each day blow a kiss to her daughter. She didn’t know her name and she wanted to say thanks. Through facebook, thanks to the description of the mother, the Hotel found the worker, Mar, and the Director of the Hotel Sur Menorca give her a message of congratulations. This is a nice history that goes from one hearth to another hearth.


The mother said: Just got home from a wonderful holiday, would like to especially thank the lovely lady who worked in the back room of the restaurant, my daughter loved her and she always made the time to say hello and blow kisses to her, I wish I knew her name, I know it began with an ‘M'” . And the Hotel answer:  “Finally we have found Mar who works in Hotel Sur Menorca. She is the woman who was blowing a kiss for your daughter every day. We loved your history and we’re so happy that you make reference to her. Mar blows a sweet kiss again for your daughter and she want to tell her, that she miss her. We hope to see you again in Hotel Sur Menorca. You have to know that Mar has received a message of congratulations from the Director of the Hotel, thanks to your message. Thanks again!”. 


The daughter of Simmone has done something really good without to know and is to give a nice message to Mar, a worker in Hotel Sur Menorca. Social Media is an options for hotels and tourism since it provides opportunities to manage and present business content and it helps in identifying core values that draw clients and customers of business.


“Reputación… es estar en la mente de quién te va a contratar”

  1. Reputación es estar en la mente del que te va a contratar:“ No soy el mejor, pero soy el adecuado”.

  2. “Sino te gusta lo que recibes, analiza lo que emites, elige la perla que quieres mostrar”.

  3. A tener en cuenta en Twitter, generas marca, en Facebook, promocionas, en Linkedin conectas, en Pinterest expones y en el blog dispones.

  4. Haz algo que funcione y mejora luego.

  5. Aprende mejor de tus éxitos y no de tus fracasos. Además a tener en cuenta: -decidir y hacer no es lo mismo.

La literatura y el cine en Titoieta Ràdio

Esta semana ha sido intensa pero llena de nuevos retos. Los sueños se van cumpliendo poco a poco, y pronto empezaré una apasionante etapa rodeada de los mejores de la comunicación y la publicidad.

Además participaré este sábado en el programa “Fent Dissabte” de Titoieta Ràdio con mi sección de literatura. Aquí entrevistaré a la periodista Roser Amills, que hablará de su nueva novela “El Ecuador de Ulises”, además el escritor Cristofol Miquel Sbert de “Si el cinema pogués parlar” y Miquela de la librería Quart Creixent nos hará una valoración sobre la Setmana del Llibre en català en “Titoieta Ràdio”.

El ecuador de Ulises Roser Amils portada en alta (1)

En “El Ecuador de Ulises” de Roser Amills el personaje principal Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn, trotamundos desmesurado y moderna encarnación del mito de Ulises, recala en su particular búsqueda de Ítaca a bordo del Zaca en la Mallorca de los años 50, isla mediterránea férreamente anclada en el pasado y las tradiciones, en la que la presencia de estrellas de Hollywood como el propio Flynn, Ava Gardner, John Wayne o Rita Hayworth,supone una pincelada de glamour hasta entonces desconocida así como una poderosa ventana al sugerente mundo exterior, burdamente silenciado por el régimen. La presentación será en Barcelona, el próximo 16 de abril, a las 19.30 horas, en la librería Calders.


Además no dejaremos de hablar de cine para introducirnos en la nueva obra de Cristofol- Miquel Sbert, acostumbrado a moverse más en el formato del ensayo ahora mezcla en “Si el cinema pogués parlar” ensayo y literatura. La obra con un carácter íntimo refleja su propia experiencia personal evocando el cine de Santanyí donde se proyectaban diferentes películas. Una oportunidad para la gente de evadirse de la desoladora realidad social y de los valores establecidos. Para terminar Miquela de la llibreria Quart Creixent nos explicará el éxito de “La Setmana del Llibre en Català”.


Publicaré en breve mi primer libro para niños en tres idiomas

Ja està a punt per acabar!! Primera trobada amb Laura Caldentey ara fa un any per posar les bases d’un futur relat per infants amb tres llengües amb Documenta Balear Premsa. Un projecte que començà a Nicaragua.


Casi hemos terminado!! En la imagen el primer encuentro con Laura para construir un precioso relato para niños y niñas en 3 lenguas. Un proyecto que empezó en Nicaragua.

We have almost finished!! This was the first meeting with Laura to create a beautiful history for children in catalan, spanish and english.


La investigación comercial en empresas de Mallorca

Marketing in EDIB School

Since I have arrived from New York, last october of 2014, I have had the opportunity to teach some students of EDIB school. I think that one of the better thinks of this is to connect students with the companies, probably they can create some relation with them.

The students of the last course of Marketing and publicity of EDIB are doing some comercial investigacions about some brands of the islands. They have the opportunity to work for some sectors strategic of the balear economy as tourism, agriculture and industry.

  • At first point the students have been working with a company of wine Can Majoral. They have trying to sell more wine around Europe and to give to the company some ideas to increase their branding on Internet.SAM_2538
  • Secondly the students have worked for a shoes company of Menorca, S’AVAM. The company is trying to sell their products in Miami, nowadays they have market in USA, throught a website.
  • The company has a promotional video created by Curlycommas. 
  • The comercial investigation in marketing creates the first step for the company to begin a business, to increase the results of their products or to know more about the necesities of the customers.
  • At the end the students will work, on february for a Aubocassa Company, with a conference of Tyffany Blackman. At the end the students will have to opportunity to create a comercial investigation for a hotel.
  • This week, in the class they have been the opportunity to know more about the project of balearketing, a online magazine about marketing in balearic island. They will do an event the next 30th of january with some of the most importants experts of this sector in the island. We will go to this event!!

Marketing en EDIB School

Llegué de Nueva York el pasado mes de octubre de 2014 y he tenido la oportunidad de trabajar como profesora en la escuela EDIB. Los alumnos han podido conectar, a través de mis clases con empresas reales para las que han podido realizar investigaciones comerciales. Así han tenido la oportunidad de trabajar para algunos sectores estratégicos de la economía balear como el turismo, la agricultura y la industria.

  • En primer lugar, los estudiantes han estado trabajando con una empresa de vino Can Majoral. Han intentando exportar más vino por Europa y dar a la empresa algunas ideas para aumentar su presencia de marca en Internet.
  • En segundo lugar, los estudiantes han trabajado para una industria de calzado de Menorca, con la empresa S’AVAM. La compañía está tratando de vender sus productos en Miami, en la actualidad tienen mercado en EE.UU, pero sólo a través de una página web

La investigación comercial en el marketing crea el primer paso para la compañía para comenzar un negocio, para aumentar los resultados de sus productos o para saber más sobre los necesidades de los consumidores.

  • Los estudiantes además trabajarán, en el mes de febrero, para una empresa como Aubocassa, con la Responsable de Marketing Tiffany Blackman. Al final de las clases los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de crear a una investigación comercial para un hotel.
  • Esta semana, en la clase han tenido la oportunidad de conocer más sobre el proyecto de Balearketing, una revista en línea sobre Marketing en Baleares. El próximo 30 de enero los responsables de Balearketing, Alberto Serra y Xisca Cabot organizan el día de la publicidad con algunos de los expertos más importantes de este sector en la isla. Vamos a ir a este evento, os facilito el link para apuntaros !!