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“Los alumnos de EDIB han visitado las instalaciones de Grupo Serra”

Los alumnos de Segundo de Marketing y publicidad han visitado el Grupo Serra con la profesora  Maria Coloma Mairata a la planta de edición del Grupo Serra.


La Publicidad en el Grupo Serra

Los alumnos han sido recibidos por Esther Calvo, testimonio de la historia de la publicidad mallorquina. Ella empezó su trayectoria de publicista en la empresa de publicidad de su padre “Publicidad Calvo” siendo casi una niña. En su juventud empezó en Grupo Serra donde ha sido testigo desde muy joven de la evolución del grupo de comunicación.

Una de las principales cosas que los alumnos han aprendido:

  • Los alumnos de EDIB han disfrutado con la historia del Grupo Serra y con las curiosidades históricas que ha vivido el Grupo de Comunicación.
  • Además han conocido como se han adaptado a nuevos mercados como el alemán, el inglés y el ruso. Además de la evolución de promociones online conjuntamente con el periódico en papel y otras estrategias de marketing. Forma parte de las excursiones con los alumnos de EDIB para aproximarse al mundo laboral.

Sigue leyendo


Law firm marketing techniques

Maria Coloma Mairata. I have been working as a Marketing Manager at Bufete Frau along this year, a law firm in Mallorca and Ibiza creating high quality content on the website. From my point of view this is one of the most important techniques for a law firm, but also it’s important to choose the right infrastructure for your law firm’s online presence.

  • I have worked with google adwords and analytics, SEM, and always taking in consideration the SEO of the website.
  • The campaigns with google are so interesting because you have a lot information about your clients and also you can follow them along their navegation with the re-marketing campaigns.IMG_20160715_111831.jpg
  • Red Display can give us a good opportuniy to design our own campaigns with banners in different sizes and follow the customers on each website that he or she visits.
  • If the user has visited the website we can follow along his navegation, we can see on the picture the banner on the BBC web and also on the youtube… 


Offline or online? 

We have created also campaigns on magazines as Airberlin magazine and some internationals magazines based in Mallorca.



Events and promotion 

All the events that are interesting for the lawyer firm can be a plus for the lawyer firm as the organization of conference at ESERP, El Salón del Empleo, Hundredrooms conference or the promotion of events as Gran día de la Vela Bufete Frau.

SAM_3539.JPG IMG_20160823_114847.jpg



If you want to contact me just sent me an email to my linkedin. 

The importance of the information in the tourism sector

IMG_20160114_163916FEHM is the most important association of the tourism sector of Mallorca that represents 26 associations and 961 touristic establishments. Maria Renart, Attached to the Executive President of the of the FEHM has described in ESERP how important is to take in account the secondary and primary information before to take decisions. Following this she has explained the informs that create the FEHM to know about the expense of tourism, the quantity of tourist, the profile to understand the touristic demand in addition to it some kind of informs to understand the touristic offer.

I have had the pleasure to introduce her to the conference and I am so glad, because she was my collegue 3 years ago.

“Brands have to be honest, show empathy, humor and daring…” explains Ivan Levy

Ivan Levy is a retail entrepreneur best known for establishing and building “The Body Shop” brand in Switzerland. Last week I organized a conference with him at ESERP business school in Mallorca.


Ivan successfully sold “the body shop” to COOP in June 2010 and continues to lead the business, having been appointed as CEO by COOP. Ivan was also the Body Shop International CEO, and has led a number of other retail operations and consultancy programmes… After this year he founded a little company called the Knowledge Bank and he also joined Earthchild as a Director/Mentor. This company uses organic cottons and they work with social responsibility.

Ivan was the Chairman of Magic Bus UK Charity (up to 2006), a Member of The Dean’s Global Advisory Board Council for Harvard University, and Executive Chairman o Q Garden Company (until 2006).

As well that, Mr. Levy is the kind of person who really loves the island of Mallorca and we had the opportunity lo learn from him. The following are some of his ideas of the conference:

* First of all the companies need to create a brand with honesty, empathy, generosity, humility, humor and daring… also some character and humanity.

* The companies need to have a true policy of Social Responsability

*We can earn money taking care of our planet.

* You have to return your benefits to the planet with actions, with good benefits, in reference to this he explains: “After all my career I feel the obligation to return to society all that I have received. I’m worried about how the world will be in the future and I feel that we can do something”.

*The last project with “dignitat i feina” is not to do charity but to create a good product and to create jobs making a good “turron” called “turro artesa d’ametla”.


He has helped the Franciscans from Artà, Dignitat i Feina associació, with the packaging of a new turron and also to increase their sales that are helping people who are in need. In addition to it, they have created some alternative products directed to people who don’t want to eat calories such as t-shirts, aprons to help to the Franciscans.


He shared with the students of ESERP and they enjoyed a lot. 


Nowadays he is doing really interesting work in the heart of Mallorca in Son Naava, close to Montuïri with the only biodynamic olive grove in Mallorca.

To sum up the customers don’t expect perfect brands. They will embrace brands that are honest, show empathy, generosity, humility, humor and daring… also some character and humanity.


La segmentación de mercados (What is Market segmentation?)

Este año también he empezado una nueva etapa profesional como docente en ESERP Business School que me permite compaginar mi trabajo en Marketing y Social Media en Vinklum comunicación.


Aprovechando la buena relación que me une con América Matas, la directora de la agencia Vinklum la invite a participar en una charla sobre la segmentación del público objetivo en una campaña publicitaria.

Cómo debemos adaptar el mensaje a nuestro público y cómo centrarnos en un target adecuado para nuestros productos fueron algunos de los temas principales de la charla impartida el 23 de octubre en ESERP Business School Mallorca. Fue una intervención muy amena que permitió a los estudiantes tener un contacto con una empresa real.

Market segmentation (What is Market Segmentation)

This year I also started a new job as a teacher in ESERP Business School that allows me to combine my work in Marketing and Social Media at Vinklum communication.

I have really good relationship with América Matas, the director of the agency Vinklum and I invited her to participate to talk about the segmentation in an advertising campaign and how is important adequate the language directed to our customers.

It was a very enjoyable intervention that allowed students to make contact with a real company.

School younger travelers

Along this course I have had the opportunity to invite a company from EUA, WorldStrides to share with the students of EDIB their experience with programs for elementary and middle school students.


They take younger travelers outside the classroom and beyond the printed page. They can learn the history from the place who they visited insitu. The company build nearly 50 years of experience and working closely with teachers, and design each program to turn student travel experiences into life experiences.


WorldStrides has offices around the world in all the locations on the map above. They also offer a number of field-based career opportunities. Our two largest offices are in the United States in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Salt Lake City, Utah.


The traditional Celler sa Premsa on Social Media

This restaurant was founded in 1958 and has kept the same character and soul through out all these years till today. The place has kept its traditional and rustic personality combining large spaces with big wine barrels, creating a fresh and intimate atmosphere. Following this concept, the Social Media strategy of Celler sa Premsa gives emphasis to the memories of the costumers that spend time there. Some of them have spend part of the live going year after year to eat at Celler. The last publications on facebook called “tell us about your memories in the celler” had successful between the reactions of the costumers that shared from their heard the love to the Celler. Some of them have been going there generation after generation and they can try the same Mallorca traditional food like “Mallorcan Soaps”.

RGB básico

The last July some bloggers specialized in the gastronomy of Mallorca met in a networking event at Celler sa Premsa. The tradition and modernity was mixed in an event where the bloggers could try some typical food, as Mallorcan Soaps (vegetables and some parts of meet), frito of lamb, cuttlefish Mallorca, loin with cabbage, snails and tumbet.

The event was celebrated with the hastag #tradicionescellersapremsa and was an opportunity to do networking with the gastronomic bloggers. Some of the bloggers were Cocinando con Catman, Fran Muñoz, the blogger of “Taula Posada”, Caterina, and the journalist and blogger Yolanda Pericàs with the blogger “What’s in my head”, and the author of the blog “Comer Fuera”, Elena Julià. The journalist from the local newspaper Ultima Hora and the magazine Brisas wrote about the event.


-¡Soy estelar (eminencia) en linkedin!-

Cada vez que entro mi perfil de linkedin con un círculo en el lado derecho me dice que soy una eminencia.Recientemente Linkedin lo ha cambiado por estelar.

-¿Qué quiere decir esto?- No se trata de que, en nuestro campo seamos eminencias, sino que el perfil profesional ha sido desarrollado al 100% o casi.

-Tienes un perfil solido y puedes compartirlo en Facebook o Twitter.

-Es una manera de superarse a uno mismo e intentar tener un mejor perfil

-Cómo podemos tener un mejor perfil de Linkedin: Compartiendo información útil para los otros usuarios, además teniendo un perfil completo, con una buena foto de perfil, un red de contactos amplia…



  • En este caso tengo más de 500 contactos, pero Linkedin no me deja saber cuántos tengo exactamente. Es una medida para disuadir a los coleccionistas de contactos, a los que se creen que Linkedin es como Facebook o Twitter. Es una red profesional y como tal puedes perseguir lo que quieres lograr a nivel profesional, seguir a aquella empresa que te gusta y que tal vez te contrate.

  • -¿Cómo funcionan los contactos en Linkedin?- Recordemos que Linkedin funciona teniendo en cuenta la regla de las siete personas.

  • Hay una teoría que dice que en el mundo todos estamos unidos y como máximo nos separan siete personas de cualquier otra persona.

  • Piensa por ejemplo en un personaje famoso, seguro que alguien te lleva a él antes de llegar a las siete personas.

  • Si yo por ejemplo quiero trabajar en Nueva York en comunicación o como profesora de español, seguro que alguno de mis contactos puede llevarme a alguien que este contratando. Si este contacto es de primer grado y bastante solido entonces puede llevarme a contactar con esta persona a través de una presentación. Ahora bien sólo si está en segundo grado, si ya estuviera en tercer o cuarto grado no tendría acceso a él.

  • Para tener más posibilidades de contactar con contactos de tercer grado Linkedin tiene servicios de pago.

  • imagenfirma

Mallorquina in New York

I am a journalist, teacher and writer, I love to cook Mallorcan food and write about life and feelings that I move (I have published my first novel l’ànima lliure). I love to travel, my first travel alone was in Rome when I was 19 years old. On this trip I discovered that I only take single the flight, because on the way, I find a lot of people who want to join my journey. Maybe they will be friends forever, you never know. Since I arrived from Mallorca to New York I’m in love with the city, but I suppose like in all the love’s story’s we will have some bad moments.

I am doing one of my dream of being surrounded by 8.337 million New Yorkers in one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. Every day I hear one of the 800 languages that are spoken on a daily basis in NYC.


(Press the photo and you can watch my youtube channel)

I have arrived from Mallorca and I am a part of the crowd in Times Square every single morning when I go to my english class and then my marketing course. I want to know that even though I enjoy being alone, the company of other people is potentially just around the corner in yet another interesting and dynamic NYC. I want to truly understand what it means to be a neurotic-New Yorker. I want to see and understand the difference between a person from Staten Island and those that live in the Upper East Side.